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For many years I lived with a certain event in my life as a constant back story from which I couldn't escape. Part of my reason for moving to Cornwall was to enter a new community that didn't know me for that back picture. During the many years since that move, I have worked hard to make a name for myself in my own right as a sculptor and potter, not for the back story. In successfully completing the Tin Miners' Memorial for the former mining community on the far west coast of Cornwall and being selected as a full member of the prestigeous Penwith Society of Artists in Cornwall, as a ceramicist and sculptor, I have now succeeded in that endeavour and feel free to be more open about my past and, more than anything, feel openly proud of what I also achieved on that dark journey that went before. I don't feel I have to hide it any more.

It is said that every creative endeavour contains something of the artist's personality or autobiography, either literally or symbolically. It was only some time after the unveiling of the miners' statue that I realised that, as well as fulfilling its valuable purpose as a memorial to the hard working miners of Cornwall, it also symbolically represented me and my own re-emergence into the light of day from a long and challenging journey in the underworld.

I am now working on my first novel - a fantasy adventure - as well as a follow-up to In Search of the Rainbow's End: Talking to ghosts - a hitchhikers guide to trauma and loss. This would be the story of developing my own coping strategies as a way of healing trauma


In Search of the Rainbow's End  (Hardback) Hodder and Stoughton, 1994

In Search of the Rainbow's End (Paperback) Hodder Headline, 1995.

In Search of the Rainbow's End (Paperback) Hodder and Stoughton, 2020, re-released with two additional chapters and a new foreword to coincide with ITV's six-part drama White House Farm


The Volcano Within - taking the lid off murderous rage. Caduceus issue 25